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A public cloud environment is the most standard model of cloud computing, and in this kind of an environment, the service provider makes different types of resources like storage and applications, and then make these available to the general public. A public cloud service might be available free of cost, or in a pay-per-usage model. For any small or medium enterprise, public cloud acts as a boon as this enables them to offload their data storage. This frees up the enterprises from the expensive costs of purchasing, managing and maintaining their IT hardware and software.

The main reason why most businesses prefer to opt for a public cloud environment is that it can be deployed faster and it ensures more accessibility and scalability as compared to on premise data storages. Apart from storing the static data, a public cloud storage service can also store the live data that is generated by the applications that run on the on premise resources of a company.
Managing the mission critical data and protecting those against all kind of contraventions is one of the major challenges that every IT company has to face. This is why businesses that cater to the IT industry, prefer to move to private cloud hosting. Since private cloud hosting is executed with the corporate firewall of an organization, it always fulfils the compliance and security requirements, and that is probably the most important reason why businesses prefer to migrate to a private cloud environment.

DP ENTERPRISE DC provides state of the art cloud hosting services and private cloud is one of their key offerings. With private cloud hosting services, we offer exclusive capabilities to your business so that you can innovate at your own pace. We also enable you to access a vast pool of resources so that you can keep up with the constantly increasing business requirements. Being home to a team of experts who prefer to interact with the clients closely, we enable you to architect and deploy a private cloud solution that proves to be beneficial for your business.
Hybrid cloud is one of the most popular models of virtualized computing that enables businesses to manage and store the critical business data in a secured way. With organizations' constant attempt to maintain a balance between all the computational services, the offloading storage and the computational time to the cloud, hybrid cloud has emerged as an effective solution.

Hybrid cloud is a combined version of public and private cloud. In a hybrid cloud environment, the public and private cloud environments communicate with each other through an encrypted connection. This makes use of a technology which allows the portability of applications and data.

A hybrid cloud environment allows users to combine the features of public and private cloud and utilize the best of both the solutions. In this way, users can get the perfect solution that meets the business needs in the best possible way.

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